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The purpose of the College Acceptance Accelerator is to give high school juniors a competitive strategy to ignite their college acceptance strategy and complete their college applications. 
To assure your success, you'll be guided by Dr. Aviva Legatt, College Admissions Strategist and Coach, Forbes Contributor, and Affiliated Faculty, University of Pennsylvania, Wharton. 

During the College Acceptance Accelerator students will:

  • Finalize their text entries for the condensed activity sheet to submit with the Common Application
  • Prepare the Common Application essay
  • Develop an application strategy to increase college acceptance possibilities
  • Receive advice on their odds at targeted colleges
  • Participate in comprehensive interview training

The College Acceptance Accelerator program also includes access to our members-only video workshops, follow-up video call, and two days of in-person admissions consulting.

After the Accelerator, you will meet with me, Dr. Legatt, one-on-one to discuss your individual action steps, your progress, and answer any lingering questions you may have.

"Dr. Legatt helped me tremendously in the college admissions process! Without her help, I wouldn't have been able to get accepted to my dream school. She is beyond experienced and knowledgeable about everything that students need to know to get into their top schools. She is also very patient and kind. From the start, Dr. Legatt looked through parts of my application and gave me very insightful feedback. She gave me detail-oriented advice, and pointed out things I certainly couldn't have improved on my own. She gave me very helpful feedback on my personal essay and supplement with constant rounds of edits that were very thorough. Dr. Legatt really helped me highlight my strengths. She is an amazing expert and I would recommend her services to anyone. Thank you so much Dr. Legatt!"

Wharton, 2021

Option 2:

Project Accepted

Coming Soon...

Project Accepted

Create the College Results of Your Dreams

Is it your destiny to get into your dream school?
(Even if you have no clue how to get there?)

There’s a way to maximize your chances, multiply your credibility by 10x, and become the next “It Applicant”…Instantly.

The shortcut is building relationships with the college.

PROJECT ACCEPTED teaches you how to build genuine, lasting, win-win relationships with college professionals and alumni so you can…

  • Identify and build your college list in a way that aligns with your academic goals and interests 
  • Craft a compelling essay on why you want to attend the college(s) of your dreams 
  • Land opportunities that other people don’t even know about – because your college contacts will give you the scoop that can't be found in college guidebooks

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""Dr. Legatt guided me to think deeper and explore my own interests. Going step by step with Aviva motivated me and put me at ease." "

Bryn Mawr College

Option 3:

Private Mentoring


Work one-on-one with me privately to set a course of action that will get you noticed and accepted to your top choice schools. 


"Dr. Legatt has helped us formulate college application strategy, writing an effective resume and stand out college essay, as well as building relationships with admission officers. The "accelerator" has effectively guided us on how to build a strong profile to stand out for admission to elite schools. With Dr. Legatt’s help and guidance, we have been able to focus on the right things through each stage of the college application process armed with the critical information. "

Wharton M&T Student

Frequently Asked Questions

I have been working in higher education for over 15 years, and have worked with thousands of students both in and outside of the admissions committee. All of my students have been admitted to at least one of their top-choice colleges. Frequent acceptances include Penn, UC Berkeley, Duke, Cornell, Vanderbilt, Yale, and more.

1. Students and parents will meet their goals through Dr. Legatt's proven process. This process includes a profile assessment, 360 feedback, and expert consultation that puts you on track to achieve your best results.

2. Students and parents will create an effective and personalized strategy to build meaningful relationships with admissions officers and professors.

3. Students will engage in a creative and "refreshing" work that enables them to discover their unique strengths and how to convey the value of those strengths to the targeted college(s).

Dr. Legatt limits the number of students she takes on each year to provide personalized attention and guidance. Assistants support Dr. Legatt to assure that students meet their deadlines.

Dr. Legatt speaks publicly on college admissions, intercultural communication, and organizational culture. She is also an executive coach for high-performing and high-potential professionals.


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