5 Questions to Ask on a College Tour

I had a chance to talk with GenHERation girls about what to do on a college tour. Check out the full comments by clicking here.

In summary, before the tour, it’s your job as a student to:

1) Do your research on the college

2) Keep an open mind about what you might see.

Here are five failsafe questions you can use on the tour. Come up with your own as well!

1. I was reading that your college has alumni living around the world. Can you share a personal example of how alumni at the school have impacted you?

2. I’m interested in "xyz" major. What kind of jobs do alumni in this major typically take right after graduation?

3. What tends to happen on campus over the weekend? Do people stick around or do they tend to leave?

4. How do students get help if they struggle in an academic subject? Is there on-campus tutoring available, and is it free? What is the process for getting a tutor?

5. What are the living arrangements for students for freshman year and after freshman...

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