What happens to your admissions chances when you conduct research?

I previously shared with you a list 3 activities that admissions officers consider to be absolutely outstanding and have NOTHING to do with what’s available at your school.

This week, I’ll share with you about how one of my students, Lucy, conducted independent academic research, and how it paid off big time.

Lucy conducted research underneath her volunteer internship at a hospital. She co-authored a paper with one of the doctors at the hospital and the paper is now published in an academic journal. Since the research was on public health, the paper that Lucy co-authored really cemented her commitment to public health in the eyes of admissions officers, and she was able to learn about health inequities in her community.

So where’d she get in? Among other places, she was accepted to and will attend Northwestern this fall (10% acceptance rate). Not bad, huh?

As long as you follow it through to the end and publish the research, is a safe bet for impressing...

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