Attending a pre-college program? How to maximize your chances.

This is a timely message to those of you in precollege programs or who will attend pre-college programs in future summers.

Imagine if someone from the college could get to know you personally how much of a difference it could make in a college admissions officer's ability to advocate for you. Believe me, you'll be far better off if a college admissions officer is advocating for you personally than if they are not.

Here are the three types of people you’ll meet during your summer program and how they can help you maximize your chances for admission - who knows? One of them might put in a good word for you!

1. Professors.

Professors are really valuable resources. Get some alone time with them, if they’re willing, to talk about your interests and get their recommendations for people to reach out to on campus. You can set up meetings while you’re there or for later on in the fall, depending on your schedule. BUT don’t interrupt the program activities to attend...

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