Platforms for Positive College Admissions Sharing

You’re talented, we know this.Platforms for Positive College Admissions Sharing,Maybe you’re an artist, a musician, a leader, a writer, or all of these things. You want to not only be all of the things you are, and get credit for the who you are by making a portfolio for college applications. It’s an important and often-overlooked step.

I’ll cover here what platforms are helpful for sharing and which platform to use for what kind of work.

*If you’re applying to a specific art or music program, you might have to go through the college directly—there’s something called Slideroom where students will submit their work.

Many students have talents, but don’t want to major in an artistic subject – still, you should find a way to display your work if the college doesn't provide a platform for you to do so.

*For art projects, singing, instrumentation or film, YouTube is the best way for admissions officers to easily see what you are...

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