Your Guide to the Coalition Application Essays

The Coalition Application lets students quickly apply to some of the best universities in the country by sharing application information with multiple schools at once. Currently, around 150 universities use or accept the Coalition Application, including all eight Ivy League schools.

The Coalition Application only partners with universities that offer financial assistance to students from low-income households, expanding the number of applicants applying to the nation’s top schools.

We'll help you make sense of these writing prompts, so you can make the right impression on admissions officers. 

Essay Prompts:

  1. Tell a story from your life, describing an experience that either demonstrates your character or helped to shape it.

Tip: A great question for students with unconventional backgrounds, this question will help you stand out if you’ve had to deal with some challenging situations in your life. Focus on truly inspiring stories that go above and beyond the...

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4 Tips for Completing The Final Stretch of Applications

Need a last-minute push? Try my four tips for completing your applications efficiently and effectively!

The Final Stretch of Applications

1) Change your scenery to get it done. Get out of your bedroom and go to the local coffee shop, café, or library depending on how much noise you like to have in the background while you work.

2) Try Pomodoros. This is a productivity hack. Set a timer for 20 minutes. While the timer runs, work exclusively on the task you have at hand—whether it’s polishing your essay, editing your resume, or checking your Common App. After 20 minutes, take a 5-minute break. A true break! No email/cell phone to check your other notifications. Just a pause – and think about grabbing yourself a snack or a cup of tea. 

3) Use a writing app like Omm Writer. Free for use on your computer, this app will help you to minimize distractions and focus on the task at hand. Putting your cell phone in another room, turning off email and social media...

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