The Top 7 Business Books For Student Entrepreneurs

Never Stop Learning

As a student entrepreneur, you must be on the lookout for opportunities and resources that will help you learn and expand, both personally and professionally, at all times.

Success as a student entrepreneur involves embracing new ideas, concepts, and information constantly. You don’t have to have an MBA to become an entrepreneur -- and you don’t even need to get to your high school graduation to get started! In addition, as an entrepreneur, your journey as a student won’t end at graduation. You must strive to continue learning and growing every day.


Check out this list of awesome books to keep your ideas fresh and to design your business and life with intention:

1. The Startup Student

Known as “the bible for student entrepreneurs”, this book is a compilation of wisdom from 23 thought leaders. The book is broken down into 3 easily digestible sections: Part 1, Succeeding as an Entrepreneurship Student, Part 2, Bolstering...

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9 Top Tips For Student Entrepreneurs

November is National Entrepreneurship Month. This is a time to both celebrate and embrace the entrepreneurial spirit complete with all it’s glorious tenacity and persistence.

Do you have the entrepreneurial spirit? Are you passionate about change, innovation, and growth? Do you see opportunities and solutions where others see obstacles and problems?

Yes? Then you’re in the right place. The United States ranks #1 in the list of 137 countries for cultivating entrepreneurship, according to the Global Entrepreneurship and Development Institute and approximately 51.6 of successful small businesses were started right out of someone’s home or garage.

So let’s talk about setting you up for success as a student entrepreneur!

  1. Find Your Tribe

    A tribe is a group of people that share a common goal, path, or experience. They are a support network just like your IRL friends and family.  It’s no secret that the path to entrepreneurship is full of hard work,...

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