Top 5 Amazing Incubators at Forbes

In my latest in Forbes, I go into detail about 5 AMAZING college incubators and how you can find the college that's the best fit for you. Check it out.

The point about finding your fit is that when you research colleges, you want to focus on the SPECIFIC resources that match you - not just the name brand, reputation and ranking. To find your fit, focus on which resources you would actually take advantage of (like incubators). As you plan your college tours, make these upcoming visits focused around your interests - don't just do a "drive by" and the regular campus tour. Instead, set up coffee chats, visit campus resource centers, speak with professors, students and admissions officers.

If you're ready to kick off your 2019 college planning, hit reply and tell me your top question about college admissions this year. I'll answer your questions on FB live tomorrow, January 8 at 3PM Eastern, 12PM Pacific. If you can't show up live, you can always watch it later. Join the ...

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How College Application Templates Can Make Your Admissions Process A Breeze

You may be feeling nervous, anxious, or even confused about creating a winning college application and making yourself stand out among the sea of other applicants. You want to get accepted into a great college. You probably want to make your parents, teachers, and mentors proud. You’re well aware of how all of this will all impact your future and you may be under a lot of stress and pressure. Let’s find a way to incorporate the purposefulness with which you approach your studies and your college selection process into the college application process.

There is help.

 As colleges begin to move away from the stringent rubrics of GPAs and test scores as key indicators of student success, the door opens to a wider swath of applicants. This is your chance to really stand out!  My own transformative and challenging application process inspired me to pursue a career in higher education and I’ve taken my years of experience as an Ivy League professor and...

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The Top 7 Business Books For Student Entrepreneurs

Never Stop Learning

As a student entrepreneur, you must be on the lookout for opportunities and resources that will help you learn and expand, both personally and professionally, at all times.

Success as a student entrepreneur involves embracing new ideas, concepts, and information constantly. You don’t have to have an MBA to become an entrepreneur -- and you don’t even need to get to your high school graduation to get started! In addition, as an entrepreneur, your journey as a student won’t end at graduation. You must strive to continue learning and growing every day.


Check out this list of awesome books to keep your ideas fresh and to design your business and life with intention:

1. The Startup Student

Known as “the bible for student entrepreneurs”, this book is a compilation of wisdom from 23 thought leaders. The book is broken down into 3 easily digestible sections: Part 1, Succeeding as an Entrepreneurship Student, Part 2, Bolstering...

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9 Top Tips For Student Entrepreneurs

November is National Entrepreneurship Month. This is a time to both celebrate and embrace the entrepreneurial spirit complete with all it’s glorious tenacity and persistence.

Do you have the entrepreneurial spirit? Are you passionate about change, innovation, and growth? Do you see opportunities and solutions where others see obstacles and problems?

Yes? Then you’re in the right place. The United States ranks #1 in the list of 137 countries for cultivating entrepreneurship, according to the Global Entrepreneurship and Development Institute and approximately 51.6 of successful small businesses were started right out of someone’s home or garage.

So let’s talk about setting you up for success as a student entrepreneur!

  1. Find Your Tribe

    A tribe is a group of people that share a common goal, path, or experience. They are a support network just like your IRL friends and family.  It’s no secret that the path to entrepreneurship is full of hard work,...

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Your Guide to the Coalition Application Essays

The Coalition Application lets students quickly apply to some of the best universities in the country by sharing application information with multiple schools at once. Currently, around 150 universities use or accept the Coalition Application, including all eight Ivy League schools.

The Coalition Application only partners with universities that offer financial assistance to students from low-income households, expanding the number of applicants applying to the nation’s top schools.

We'll help you make sense of these writing prompts, so you can make the right impression on admissions officers. 

Essay Prompts:

  1. Tell a story from your life, describing an experience that either demonstrates your character or helped to shape it.

Tip: A great question for students with unconventional backgrounds, this question will help you stand out if you’ve had to deal with some challenging situations in your life. Focus on truly inspiring stories that go above and beyond the...

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Your Guide to This Year's Common Application Essay Prompts

With over 750 participating universities, the Common Application is one of the most widely-used college application platforms in the world. It helps students like you streamline the application process by sharing the same information with multiple universities with the click of a button.

You can then customize your applications based on the unique requirements of each school.

One of the most important aspects of the Common Application is the essay prompts. You’ll need to show off your writing abilities by answering one of the questions. This year’s essay prompts are the same as last year’s. Take a look at the prompts below: 

  1. Some students have a background, identity, interest, or talent that is so meaningful they believe their application would be incomplete without it. If this sounds like you, then please share your story.

Tip: This is a good place to talk about any unique abilities or experiences you might have. Try to be surprising and unique when...

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Everyone Applying to Top Colleges Should Use ZeeMee: Here's Why

ZeeMee is a new social media app that’s designed to give prospective students a chance to express themselves beyond test scores and formal application essays. The mobile app lets users upload videos and post about their lives in a way that feels entirely authentic. It can be a great tool for both high school students looking to apply to top colleges and admission officers trying to choose between different candidates. Learn why every student with their eye on a top school should be using ZeeMee. 

Helping Applicants Express Themselves 

If you are starting to think about applying to college, ZeeMee is one of the best ways for you to express yourself. So many applicants are chosen based on their personality and ideas, but expressing these ideas can be difficult when you’re limited to a traditional college essay, your GPA/test scores, and your activity list. 

If you love to use social media to express yourself and to share important events with friends and...

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This will be the year of "Performing" to get accepted (and I'm not talking about your GPA)

As important as your GPA can seem when applying to college, you shouldn’t underestimate the power of making personal connections. We live in a world where we place a high value on our friendships and relationships with others. And that is also true of college admissions officers. Instead of weighing an applicant based on their test scores and academic abilities (although those both play a major role), an admissions officer is going to look for an applicant that they can relate to.  

Despite what you may like to believe, personal bias can affect the admissions process. Learn how to maximize the potential of your application by making the right connections and becoming a familiar face at your university of choice.

Getting Involved with Your University of Choice  

As of 2017, the college acceptance rate dropped to a low of 4.65%, the lowest point in academic history, thanks to Stanford University. That means the competition is stiff and you need to do everything...

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The Essay Is NOT the Most Important Element of Your Application

If you think that the essay is the most important part of a college application, you’re wrong. College admission officers place more value on items that actually reflect how you or your college-bound child will fair at their university.

Writing a snappy, heartfelt essay about your trip through South America may give you some points for individuality, but this piece of material does not give admissions officers an accurate portrait of your future performance as a student. Take a look at the top five factors college admissions officers look at most when it comes to evaluating the candidacy of a student. 

Every year the State of College Admission Report collects data on what admissions officers are looking for when evaluating applicants. And the results might surprise you. Based on last year’s report, the following five categories hold the most weight when it comes to a yay or nay vote and swaying the minds of admission officers.

  1. Grades in College Prep Courses
  2. ...
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How to Build Relationships with Admissions Officers


I'm writing to invite you to join me for my next free training webinar How To Build Relationships with Admissions Officers.

I'm hosting this webinar because most college applicants are too fearful and tentative to approach admissions officers and college personnel. But if you don't approach these people, you will miss a critical opportunity to stand out to your top college. 

Think about it, and pretend that you're an admissions officer. You have two applicants with relatively similar profiles of GPA, test scores, and extracurriculars. You can only admit one of these two students; there's simply not room for both.

Who do you think you would be more likely to admit? The student who you know personally and like, or the student who has no obvious connection to the university beyond what's written in the essays? 

You guessed it: As the admissions officer, when you know someone outside of the...

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