The Top 7 Business Books For Student Entrepreneurs

Never Stop Learning

As a student entrepreneur, you must be on the lookout for opportunities and resources that will help you learn and expand, both personally and professionally, at all times.

Success as a student entrepreneur involves embracing new ideas, concepts, and information constantly. You don’t have to have an MBA to become an entrepreneur -- and you don’t even need to get to your high school graduation to get started! In addition, as an entrepreneur, your journey as a student won’t end at graduation. You must strive to continue learning and growing every day.


Check out this list of awesome books to keep your ideas fresh and to design your business and life with intention:

1. The Startup Student

Known as “the bible for student entrepreneurs”, this book is a compilation of wisdom from 23 thought leaders. The book is broken down into 3 easily digestible sections: Part 1, Succeeding as an Entrepreneurship Student, Part 2, Bolstering Your Entrepreneurial Mindset, and Part 3, Succeeding as a Student Entrepreneur.

While you’re waiting for your copy to arrive, check out my top tips for student entrepreneurs here.

2. The Four Hour Work Week

The blueprint for escaping the old “rat race”, dodging the 9-5, and earning the income you’ve always dreamed of while working less. This is your guide to cutting out the clutter and busywork and freeing yourself to go on that once in a lifetime adventure ASAP, instead of waiting until you become your parents’ age or older.

3. The Big Leap

You’ve chosen the path of student entrepreneurship because you have a burning desire to do what you love and, of course, make money in the process - and hopefully impact many lives along the way. This book will help you identify and crush the four major fears that may be holding you back from reaching your upper limits and, as a result, assist you in achieving your potential and experience true happiness, fulfillment, and financial success.

4. The Compound Effect

This is an easy to read, step-by-step guide for achieving phenomenal success in business and in life. This book takes you through how to break bad habits, build up your motivation, and create a plan to overcome any obstacle that stands in your way.

5. Start: Punch Fear In The Face and Do Work That Matters

As a student entrepreneur, you already know that there are two paths one can take; the average and the awesome. You experienced this when you decided to become an entrepreneur - and maybe you experienced a few bumps in the road. This book guides you down the path to awesome by helping you to understand how to leverage the power of each decade of your life and start your venture right where you are.

6. The 12-Week Year

This book breaks away from the traditional way of thinking of years as 12 month periods and invites you to think in 12-week increments that encourage focus and incite action and urgency in achieving your goals. Great for learning to maximize your productivity and master accountability.

7. The E-Myth Revisited

By walking you through each life stage of a business, the author will help you gain clarity around your evolving role as an entrepreneur and business owner. Just as you adopted specific systems when you applied to your top colleges, you will need to adopt and apply reliable systems to run, grow, and prosper your business. This book will help guide you through the phases of technician, manager, and finally, to step into your role as a leader.

Hungry for more? As a student of excellence, I know you have a voracious appetite for learning. If you’ve checked out all of these books and are ready for more opportunities for development, head on over to Udemy where you can devour over 80,000 online courses on a myriad of topics.


And if you haven’t done so already, be sure to visit my resources page especially for student entrepreneurs here.