Should A Millennial Freelancer Get an MBA?


I had the opportunity to guest blog for Kaytie Zimmerman, Forbes contributor, and creator of Optimistic Millennial. 

For the article, which was on if a freelancer should apply to MBA programs, I shared my perspective about what admissions officers are looking for in MBA candidates, interviewed JoAnn Goldberg, a former admissions officer at Stanford, and Solenn Seguillion, a UC Berkeley MBA and freelancer. 

This article timely because, with the start of the year, recent grads will begin to make plans to apply for graduate school —and the MBA is the most popular master's degree. Experts predict that 50% of the workforce will be freelance by 2020, and many millennials work full-time or “side-hustle” as freelancers. With the rise in entrepreneurship as a profession, it will be interesting to see how popular MBAs remain, and how current freelancers will base their decisions about whether or not to apply. 


Here is the article. Thank you for reading!