How to start your business and get admitted to a great school

Many students who want to work with me are business-minded: They’re driven, tech savvy, and entrepreneurial. These qualities are incredible assets when preparing for college or graduate school. It’s easy to stand out when you’re ambitious and want to do something great in this life (getting accepted to your top-choice school isn’t something you “do” that’s great, it’s something great that happens to you because you’ve already done amazing things!).

Take my student, Greg. Greg is a talented filmmaker who got a lucky internship that led to his ability to produce his own documentary film. By now, millions have watched his film. Not only has Greg’s work gotten international exposure, but Greg has received thousands of dollars in royalties from its distribution. He also has additional film production contracts in progress that will continue to assure his business thrives in the coming years.

Not surprisingly, his impressive accomplishments won over admissions officers at Cornell and at UC Berkeley (as an out-of-state applicant), where he’ll attend this fall.

Greg was no overnight success. Yes, he got a lucky break with being able to make that documentary but had been building on his filmmaking skills for many years prior. There was no way Greg would have been able to capitalize on that opportunity without his skills. 

Do Greg’s accomplishments sound similar to something you’d like to do? Then don’t wait. Take your passion, your idea, a seed of interest and build it up. Work hard in something you love to do and great things will happen to you too.

Until next time…
Dr. Aviva Legatt

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