How To Prioritize Your Extracurricular Activities to Maximize Impact


Join me for my next webinar: How To Prioritize Your Extracurricular Activities to Maximize Impact.

I'm hosting this webinar because I want to combat the most common problems that plague my students:

1) They don't realize that only certain extracurricular activities will impress an admissions committee.

2) They have faulty assumptions when making decisions on how to spend their precious time after school.

In this training, I'll share trends from the committee regarding boring and "bored" activities that clearly wasted the student's time.

Boring because the involvement was shallow. Bored because it seemed that the student was going through the motions and wasn't truly engaged in the activity.

I'll also share which activities were a "hit" with the admissions committee and why.

If you or your child have been frustrated about having too many club meetings to attend without anything to show for it, guess what? I’m going to show you how to be more efficient with your time as well.

If you'd like to join me at this webinar, follow the link to register.

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