Help! I’m stuck on my essay and advice on college essays

The college essay is one of the most painstaking aspects of the college process for many students. Remember, most of the time, the college essay will not be great if you don’t get any feedback. So don’t keep it all to yourself. If you get stuck, just do the following steps: 

Help! I’m stuck on my essay and advice on college essays

•       Just start. Turn off your cell phone and computer. Pull out a pen and paper. Write for 15 minutes once per day for a week. Don’t be surprised if the topic comes to you in a surprise inspiration while in your writing session.

•       Get a brainstorming buddy. A college counselor or friend who knows you well can help you come up with topics if you’re having trouble getting started.

•       Don’t over-edit your essay. If you follow one of the systems to write your essay, you will get it done to high-enough quality. Each edit you do after the first several will have diminishing returns.

•       Don’t regret it once you submit it. As long as you’ve gotten feedback, edited your drafts, and given in your best shot, it’s probably not half-bad!

Are you getting stuck? Need a brainstorming buddy? Don't delay in seeking support.