4 Ways to Kick Butt at Your College Interview

Maybe you’ve already had a few interviews or you’re planning to prepare for your first one. Here 4 Ways to Kick Butt at this interview:

1. Conduct in-depth research about the college where you’re interviewing. This will allow you to ask the interviewer specific questions about your areas of interest. Looking back at your essays and reviewing the school’s website are good places to start.

2. Bring your résumé so that you can walk the interviewer through it when questions come up. The resume will also help spark questions for the interviewer to ask. 

3. Dress right. You should be comfortable, and should also consider the location/setting to give cues. For example, a coffee shop on a weekday after school is much more casual than if meeting with the alumnus at an office building, or on-campus. For ladies, be careful of short skirts and low-cut shirts. For ladies and gentlemen, make sure clothing has no wrinkles. 

4. Follow up the interview with a handwritten or email thank-you note. Write this note within 48-72 hours of meeting the alum.