How College Application Templates Can Make Your Admissions Process A Breeze

You may be feeling nervous, anxious, or even confused about creating a winning college application and making yourself stand out among the sea of other applicants. You want to get accepted into a great college. You probably want to make your parents, teachers, and mentors proud. You’re well aware of how all of this will all impact your future and you may be under a lot of stress and pressure. Let’s find a way to incorporate the purposefulness with which you approach your studies and your college selection process into the college application process.

There is help.

 As colleges begin to move away from the stringent rubrics of GPAs and test scores as key indicators of student success, the door opens to a wider swath of applicants. This is your chance to really stand out!  My own transformative and challenging application process inspired me to pursue a career in higher education and I’ve taken my years of experience as an Ivy League professor and service on undergraduate admissions committees to streamline the college application process. My goal is to equip you with the knowledge and confidence you need to put your best foot forward on your journey to college acceptance. 

If you got a late start applying to college and you're working hard to meet those January 1 and January 15 deadlines, these templates will give you a running start! 

College Application Templates can take all the stress and worry out of the application process. Feeling overwhelmed by the essay? There’s a template for that. Worried about acquiring effective letters of recommendation? There’s a template for that. Concerned about managing all the moving parts and deadlines of the application process? There’s a template for that. Are you stressing over creating an impressive resume? I have a template for that, too!


I created and assembled these templates with you in mind.

5 Tools and Templates You Can Use to Get Accepted to the College of Your Dreams


1.  Timeline, Contacts, and Planning Template

 This template is a Google Sheet document that will assist you in organizing and tracking all of your application efforts. This template includes a page for your overall timeline, helping you keep track of your various essay phases, test score submissions, portfolio compilation steps, and more. Also included are pages for tracking letter of recommendation acquisitions and storing contact information for the colleges to which you are applying. Everything stored in one place, and as a google sheet, it’s easily shared between parents and students. You can get this for FREE by subscribing here.


 2. Sample Essays

College application essays are easily one of the top hurdles students face in their admissions and application process, but that doesn’t have to be the case. I have compiled a group of essay templates to help you nail it!

These templates include:

Sample extracurricular essay

Tips from Dr. Aviva on writing the extracurricular essay

Sample Common App Essay Outline

Sample Common App Essay with analysis


3. Resume Template & Extra-Curricular Tracker

Many students feel lost when it comes to writing a compelling resume for their college application. This template is guaranteed to help you find your way. A complete sample resume that includes my personal tips and instructions to guide you in writing a resume that will make you stand out among your competition. I have also included an Extra Curricular Tracker, a Google sheet that you can share with your parents to help you keep track of all the important information relating to your extra-curricular activities so that you can leverage the power of your years of hard work outside of class.


4. Templates for Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation have long been a critical component to the college application process, but collecting them can seem like a daunting task. Sometimes a teacher or mentor may be too busy or unsure of what information to include in their letter. I have created a guideline of information you should provide to the letter writer to help them write a glowing letter of recommendation for you. In addition to this guideline, I have included 2 different letter of recommendation templates for you to provide your teachers with. These will save them time and give them a framework to work with, making their job much easier.


5. Outreach Template

Visiting campus is a great time to reach out to representatives of the college. These representatives can help you get great insight into what life is like at the college. This will be very beneficial when finalizing your school list and writing your supplement essays. If you’re really lucky and make a great connection, the person may even wish to write you an endorsement (don’t count on this, though!). This pack includes 4 different email outreach templates that will help you get noticed and begin making important on-campus connections.

Overwhelm often leads to procrastination and it’s easy to become overwhelmed when you’re facing applying to your dream colleges on your own. Don’t go it alone! Grab these templates now and take advantage of my expert advice to jumpstart your college application process so you can relax confidently when the clock keeps ticking away.

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