Everyone Applying to Top Colleges Should Use ZeeMee: Here's Why

ZeeMee is a new social media app that’s designed to give prospective students a chance to express themselves beyond test scores and formal application essays. The mobile app lets users upload videos and post about their lives in a way that feels entirely authentic. It can be a great tool for both high school students looking to apply to top colleges and admission officers trying to choose between different candidates. Learn why every student with their eye on a top school should be using ZeeMee. 

Helping Applicants Express Themselves 

If you are starting to think about applying to college, ZeeMee is one of the best ways for you to express yourself. So many applicants are chosen based on their personality and ideas, but expressing these ideas can be difficult when you’re limited to a traditional college essay, your GPA/test scores, and your activity list. 

If you love to use social media to express yourself and to share important events with friends and family, you can start sharing these posts on ZeeMee in addition to Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. These posts will supplement your application, so you can make the right impression on admissions officers.

Admissions Officers Want to See the Real You

More students are going to college than ever before. That’s great news, but it also means that you’re going to face some stiff competition, especially if you have your eye on a top-tier school. The number of college applications from first-year students has increased 7% over the last year alone. This means the selection process needs to extend beyond the traditional application.

To make more informed decisions, admissions officers are pulling all the data they can find on prospective students and that means turning to social media websites like ZeeMee.

Admissions officers may use these posts and user profiles to better gauge whether an applicant will be a good fit at their university. This includes certain personality traits, how you choose to spend your time, what kinds of content or ideas are most important to you. This helps the admissions officers avoid making the mistake of offering acceptance to an applicant that might be better off at another school.

Connecting with Future Students 

ZeeMee isn’t just about helping you set yourself apart from the competition; it’s also about helping you find the right school based on your personality or interests. You can use the app to connect with current students at your university of choice and see if you get along. You can make friends before you even arrive on campus and learn more about what kinds of programs or activities you might be interested in. If you get on ZeeMee only to discover that a certain school doesn’t have what you’re looking for, you can save money on the application fee and focus on applying to another school.

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