Dr. Aviva Legatt is a college admissions expert, Ivy League professor and Forbes contributor with experience on the undergraduate admissions committees of The Wharton School of University of Pennsylvania. At Wharton, she also spearheaded the Leadership in the Business World pre-college program and its signature Wharton Senior Capstone course.

Dr. Legatt’s column in Forbes covers issues in higher education affecting students under 30 years old. Through her column, she has had the honor of interviewing U.S. leaders including New York Times bestselling author Adam Grant, Olympic Gold gymnast Simone Biles, and Pitch Perfect’s Deke Sharon. Her expertise is featured in major publications including U.S. News and World Report, The New York Times, Reader's Digest, Business Insider, Poets & Quants, Forbes, and many more.

Dr. Legatt's process enables students to manage their time, priorities, and impact so that they can build the best possible case for admission. 

Dr. Legatt is also an internationally recognized professor in Organizational Dynamics at the University of Pennsylvania. Her Coursera courses hosted by University of Pennsylvania have been recognized by Poets & Quants as a “Best Business Course.” In Wharton's Executive Education Program, she serves as a High-Performance Team facilitator and coach. 

Dr. Legatt’s own transformative and challenging application process at a competitive New Jersey high school initially inspired her to pursue a career in higher education.  She has since gained an unmatched skill set and knowledge base to support students from preparation through college acceptance.

Combining her insider knowledge, teaching abilities, and personal experience, Dr. Legatt has the comprehensive support you need to succeed during this challenging time.


Hello! I'm Dr. Aviva Legatt. I'm a renowned college admissions expert, but my high school experience is my business.

While applying to college, I contracted pneumonia (stress-induced), became estranged from friends, and was completely clueless about how to balance college applications with school work and extracurriculars.

I was fixated on NYU at my own expense. Luckily, I got admitted Early Decision, but I have no idea what I would have done had it not worked out. It's not that NYU was the only college where I would have been happy, but nothing could sway me from that belief while I was in the middle of applications.

Others felt similarly about their own top-choice colleges. Upon receiving an Early Decision rejection, for example, one of my closest friends had to go to psychotherapy. She took the rejection extremely personally and the news was really hard on her. 

Similarly, I was completely misguided that a college acceptance would make or break my future, and that the one piece of paper would define me in such a profound way.

This way of thinking couldn't have been more flawed and incorrect. While I was fortunate to get into my "dream school" and had a wonderful experience there, what I needed was better support to understand the college application process, how admissions officers would view my achievements, and the many possibilities for my college selection. 

My story is why I love to do what I do today: I tell you exactly what you need to do to prepare, plan and succeed for your top-choice colleges. It's hard work to give yourself a chance to get admitted to your top-choice college, and that's why expert guidance is needed. I help you understand what admissions officers are thinking and how college's priorities play into admissions decisions. 

With my values-driven approach and insider knowledge, I provide you with the most authentic and competitive pathway to enter your top-choice colleges. I accomplish this through optimizing your major selection, coaching you on building effective relationships with admissions officers and professors, and providing insight on your unique qualities as a college applicant. 

If you're ready to stop going it alone, contact me below.