Dr. Aviva Legatt:

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About Dr. Legatt

Dr. Aviva Legatt is a college admissions expert, Senior Forbes Contributor, Ivy League faculty member, and Executive Coach. 

Hailed by the New York Times as a trustworthy source on college admissions, Dr. Legatt's expertise is frequently sought and featured in the press, including Business Insider, USA Today, Reader's Digest, NBC News, BusinessBecause, ZenDesk, GenHERation and many more!

Also recognized as an expert in corporate culture and diversity by such publications as Inc., Yale Daily News, and Wonolo, Dr. Legatt is often asked to share her advice on navigating difficult challenges in the corporate world. 

Dr. Legatt's unique background and experience make her the best choice to provide the support you need to successfully navigate these challenging times. 


Dr. Legatt's Top 5 Tips


  1. Your resume or activity list should be centered around the measurable impact you have made for the organization. Provide quantifiable statistics to demonstrate your success, such as how much money was raised or how many people were served. 
  2. Dive deep into one area. Become an expert in one topic rather than a novice in many. Successful candidates spend time developing, deepening, and refining their skills and knowledge in one or two very specific areas rather than focusing on acquiring a wide range of experiences with limited depth. 
  3. Make networking a top priority. Networking provides opportunities to learn about the culture and fit and builds relationships that are sure to assist in creating a firm foundation for the future. 
  4. Create an online portfolio to showcase your accomplishments. This can include a website or blog where you are able to include videos and images to create a more dynamic experience for your reader. 
  5. Take advantage of courses on platforms like Coursera which allow you to expand your knowledge base and advance your skills in areas you may not have had the opportunity to polish yet.

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